Strong Neighborhoods

My wife and I live close to campus, in the Bailey neighborhood, and have for almost a quarter century. We love our neighborhood, and it's great to be able to walk to work.

Everyone should be welcomed to live in neighborhoods close to campus and downtown, including long-term residents and owner occupants. From a sustainability perspective, people should have the opportunity to live close to where they work, which for a lot of us is MSU.

Rental restriction overlays have been the one policy that has worked to keep student rentals from entirely taking over neighborhoods close to campus. Rental restriction overlays cover more than half the city, so your home may well lie in one. Check out the map to find out!

Some candidates in this election may want to eliminate rental restriction overlays. I hope they're as forthright about their intentions as I am about my support for this important policy tool. I encourage everyone to ask candidates to be clear about their plan for protecting the investments we've made in our lives here.