Ballot Measures

Andrew Roth/The State News

I’m voting No on the ballot measures proposed by City Council. Here’s why:

No on adding seats to City Council. More seats means more scheduling problems and more absences. The current number (five) strikes a good balance, which may be why they picked it in the first place. 

No on waiting until January to seat new Councilmembers. Lame-duck sessions should be as short as possible because outgoing Councilmembers are no longer accountable. We should seat new Councilmembers as soon as the county certifies the election—in two or three weeks, not two months.

A third measure, to move City Council elections from odd years to even years, will not appear on the ballot. I'm glad we get to keep our local elections focused on local issues.

The City Council should’ve convened a Charter Review Commission to think through the implications of their proposed changes. It’s time for a thorough Charter review anyway. You don’t amend a founding document lightly.