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702 Snyder Road, East Lansing, MI  48823, 517-927-8589

Honored to be endorsed by State Rep. Julie Brixie, the Lansing City Pulse, and the State News!

Welcome to my campaign website! I'm running for reelection to the East Lansing City Council. I ask for your vote on November 5, 2019.


As Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem, I helped solve some big problems. The blight downtown is gone, the city's finances are stable, and government is more responsive and transparent. You can read more about my record here.


Lots of things are possible now that weren't before, and here are some of my priorities:

Invest in neighborhoods. Fix streets, sidewalks, and sewers. Start burying utilities to protect our trees and our power. Maintain strong protections for owner-occupied areas and find ways to make rental areas more attractive to families and professionals.


Build community. Preserve and enhance community treasures like our parks and trails and the Hannah Center. Attract new businesses, services, and amenities to the downtown. Collaborate with MSU on goals like making neighborhoods near campus more attractive to faculty and staff, and locating more startups in the downtown.

Promote good government. Maintain top-notch police and fire protection and emergency medical services. Increase communications so city residents know what their government is doing. Invest in sustainable, cost-cutting technology, like electric vehicle fleets and solar installations on city buildings and property.

With your help, I got a lot done for this great community in the past four years, and I ask for your support again so I can continue the work. Please be in touch, and please consider donating to my reelection campaignVote November 5!