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702 Snyder Road, East Lansing, MI  48823, 517-927-8589

Erik was elected to the East Lansing City Council in 2015 and became Mayor Pro Tem in 2017. Before that he served on the board of his neighborhood association and on the city's Historic District and Planning Commissions. He holds a Master Citizen Planner credential from the MSU Faculty of Extension and is a graduate of the East Lansing Emerging Leaders program. Prior to running for election, he attended every City Council meeting for a year to learn about the work.


During the day, Erik is a psychology professor at MSU, where he teaches classes in introductory psychology and cognitive psychology, and studies the effects of interrupting people when they're in the middle of a task (they make mistakes!). His academic resume is here.

Erik grew up in Edmonton, Canada, where he played hockey and basketball like everyone else, and learned he should probably look for other ways to make a living. He moved to Pittsburgh, PA for graduate school, then to northern Virginia for a post-doctoral fellowship, then to East Lansing in 2000 to join the faculty at MSU.


Erik and his wife Kathy live in the Bailey neighborhood with their cats Max (12 lbs) and Min (7 lbs). Erik mostly bikes to where he needs to be and looks forward to a future where most things the family needs or wants are a few blocks away in downtown East Lansing.